C Practice Recordings MPF 2015

(2 versions—regular and slower tempos)

Dragon Dance
C-Dragon-Dance-audition.mp3 (1024 downloads)


C-Juba.mp3 (743 downloads)


Over the Rainbow
C-Somewhere-Over-the-Rainbow-audition.mp3 (693 downloads)


Sonata in D, op.6
C-Sonata-in-D-major.mp3 (743 downloads)



The following MP3 files are at slower tempos and are intended to be used for initial learning only.


Dragon Dance (practice)
C-Dragon-Dance-practice.mp3 (704 downloads)


Juba (practice)
C_Juba_practice.mp3 (713 downloads)


Over the Rainbow (practice)(updated 8/12/2015)
C-Somewhere-Over-practice1.mp3 (712 downloads)


Sonata in D, op.6 (practice)
C-Sonata-in-D-major-practice.mp3 (703 downloads)