Group B1 Practice Recordings 2021

A Thousand Years

A Thousand Years – Primo and Secondo
A Thousand Years – Primo
A Thousand Years – Secondo

Danza Havana

Danza Havana – Primo and Secondo
Danza Havana – Primo
Danza Havana – Secondo


Rondeau – Primo and Secondo
Rondeau – Metronome
Rondeau – Primo
Rondeau – Secondo

Toe Tappin Showstopper

Toe Tappin Showstopper – Primo and Secondo
Toe Tappin Showstopper – Primo
Toe Tappin Showstopper – Secondo

Long Road Home

Long Road Home Primo Track
Long Road Home Secondo Track
Long Road Home Primo and Secondo
Long Road Home Click Track

Video Instructions

Student Video Instructions for Groups B1, B2, C (10-17) (1011 downloads )