Student Scholarships


Mitzi Babb-Chairperson
June 1 deadline

BAMTA is pleased to announce that scholarship funds will be available to students this year. Students entering 12th grade and under are eligible to apply for a scholarship. The scholarship target amount is $400, although the scholarship committee has the latitude to award more or less depending on circumstances and available funds. The Multiple Piano Festival is the source of our scholarship funds. The scholarship money will be paid directly to each student’s teacher and applied toward tuition for the fall semester.

Scholarships will be awarded to students who demonstrate both musical ability and financial need, although financial need will be the primary determining factor. A committee of teachers will review scholarship applications and recorded performances. Teachers will be notified in June of the application results.

The scholarship application can be downloaded from the website. Applications consist of a financial statement submitted by student’s parents, a computer file, CD or DVD of the student performing 3 solo repertoire pieces, and a letter of recommendation from the teacher. Before a teacher and the student’s parent may submit an application, a student code must be obtained from Mitzi Babb ( The student code, not the student’s name, will be used on both the Financial Statement submitted by the parent, and the Scholarship Teacher Recommendation.

Applications must be sent by June 1 to Mitzi Babb (7248 Petursdale Ct., Boulder, CO 80301). Winners will be notified by June 30.

BAMTA_Scholarship_Teacher_Recommendation.docx (1975 downloads )