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MPF Practice Recordings

MPF 2024 Repertoire and Notes (June 1) (23 downloads )


MPF Practice Recordings

MPF 2023 Repertoire and Notes (Oct 3) (698 downloads )


MPF 2022 Teachers Photo
Participating Teachers for MPF 2022
Watch the 37th edition of the Multiple Piano Festival, recorded November 19 2022 at Niwot High School.

MPF Practice Recordings

MPF Repertoire 2022 & Notes rev 10-24 (28292 downloads )

Join us for the 37th Edition of the Multiple Piano Festival!
Raves from previous editions of Multiple Piano Festival.

What I Think the Multiple Piano Festival Teaches
— from the BAMTA President

Of all the incentive programs I’ve used with my students over these last 50 years of teaching (Achievement Day, Guild Auditions, CSMTA Competitions, Federated Festival, my own Practicing Contest as well as 4 studio recitals per year), BAMTA’s Multiple Piano Festival has been the incentive event my students stick with the longest.  Even after they think they’ve become too grown up to sign up for Achievement Day, Guild Auditions, or the Federated Festival, and are too caught up with other activities to put in the time needed to prepare for competition events, they seem to want to play in Multiple Piano Festival.  Sometimes they even come back after they graduate from high school to play with the adults and alums.  There is something about the fun of making music up on that big stage, playing on a freshly tuned piano, with a dozen or more other pianists, that’s worth their time. I personally love collaborative playing the most. So, to me, the Multiple Piano Festival is simply:

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Come join us for BAMTA’s 37th MULTIPLE PIANO FESTIVAL.  You and your students can be lucky too!

Carol Wickham-Revier, NCTM
President of Boulder Area Music Teachers’ Association

What I Think the Multiple Piano Festival Teaches (567 downloads )


MPF 2021 Repertoire List (10-14) (2608 downloads )

2020 (Virtual Festival due to COVID-19)

Watch the 2020 Multiple Piano Festival on Youtube:

“If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies!”

You’ve certainly heard the saying, “When life hands you lemons, MAKE LEMONADE!!”  So here’s our Covid-19 35th Multiple Piano Festival version of lemonade!!!

At this point in time, it appears likely that the COVID-19 Pandemic will prevent us from safely presenting the Multiple Festival as we have for the past 3 ½  decades.  However, a few of us have banded together to find a new way! The following is a description of our alternative plan which, we feel, will allow everyone who wants to be involved – pianists, teachers, parents, audience members and former students from around the world – to fully participate and be safe.

Download the Info Letter for full information:
MPF 2020 Parent Info Letter (1257 downloads )