Willie Hammond



williehmmnd@gmail.com, 307-220-1841

Willie playing at songwriters in the round at America’s Soul Live

Willie has been teaching in the Boulder area since ’92. She takes a traditional, classical approach and mixes it with jazz, composition and improvisation. She imparts all of this through a well structured and thought-out program combined with the musical goals and aspects her students enjoy most.

She loves teaching all ages (5 to 120), and particularly enjoys levels: beginning through intermediate-advanced. Her strengths are in keeping kids and adults connected to the joy of music and their pianos. She believes that lifelong enjoyment and creativity in music can make for happier people and ideally, happier communities.

She studied with Larry Graham, at the University of Colorado, whose abundant distinctions include studying with Van Cliburn, performing at New York’s Carnegie Recital Hall, and a listing of one of the “Most Wanted” teachers in the nation.

Willie was a KUNC radio’s “Best New Artist” in 2004 for her singer-songwriter talents. She has also composed scores locally for the CU Theater and Dance Dept., and Boulder Fiske Planetarium. She has been on a variety of stages from musical theater to guest artist at Dazzle Denver.

You can schedule lessons with her here: calendly.com/williehammond