Emily Bond


2915 Troxell Ave., Longmont, CO. 80503

Emily@EmilyBondMusic.com, 303-917-4668

I focus on the many aspects of piano music: skill in playing, developing a good ear, a thorough understanding of music theory, and reading music. I am a certified Suzuki teacher, and have studied piano technique through the Golandsky method with a certified trainer. I have over 30 years experience teaching all ages. I am a composer of over 100 orchestral, piano and synth pieces, specializing in the music side of film and documentary production, and would love to teach composition if that is desired. I believe music is a wonderful way to engage all of one’s mind, body and soul. I steer away from perfectionism, but do emphasize learning deeply and enjoying the process of learning something well. All ages, all levels are welcome!